So, hi there

That was a lot more views that I really expected when I shared my last post on Facebook. Yous guys are pretty cool.

Now, I just want to say a few things that I feel should be said. I commented earlier that most of writing stems from having conversations with myself. That is most definitely true. These conversations typically happen while I’m driving to work in between bouts of bad singing to whatever is streaming through Apple Music.

Some of what I write tends to be more stream of consciousness type work. I don’t take notes about things and then type them up. They are ideas that pop into my head that might eventually make their way into some form of print. Some it makes sense. Most of it can probably be viewed as rambling. I sometimes find it hard to stay on topic.

If you’re interested in reading more, then feel free to peruse the posts contained here. There will be more based on gaming than other topics. If you don’t care about the game related topics, then ignore anything concerning Destiny 2 and you’ll be safe in that regard.

There is a category titled “Everything else.” You should be able to find non-game related posts under that category provided that I properly categorized them.

I don’t make any money from doing this. In fact, I only pay money for this, but I like doing it. It’s worth it in my book. I’m even going to try to keep doing this though posts may not happen for a week or two at a time.

So, enjoy! Or not. It really makes no difference to me, but if there’s anything you think that I should speak about then feel free to mention it to me. It either will get written up or it won’t.

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