That doesn’t make me violent

It’s always bothered me that people have to find something to blame when it comes to violence. Especially lately. Does any of us really know where violence comes from? I’m certain that we all have ideas about it, and I’m fairly certain that most of us are wrong.

Keep in my while you are reading anything, even this, that the words that you are reading are opinions and not facts.

I don’t know everything. Behavioral science is not something that I’ve ever studied or even had that much of an interest in. What I’m talking about comes mainly from experiences.

Let’s start with video games. Violent video games (Call of Duty, Battlefield, Destiny, Grand Theft Auto, etc) do not cause people to become violent. I’ve been playing them for at least two decades, and I am nowhere near being considered a violent man. They just don’t affect the majority of gamers in that fashion. It’s entertainment to us. It’s a method to unwind after a stressful day of whatever. Mostly, it’s a way for us to interact with other people from the comfort of our own homes.

I did say that most of us are not affected by them. There are those who may just be. These individuals likely suffer from, knowingly or not, from some sort of mental instability. Do you know who can control that to some extent? Parents.

Ratings. Pay attention to them. PEGI and ESRB ratings for video games are there for a reason. Parents, use those when your children beg you for a video game. Ignore the whole “But Timmy’s parents got him the game!” Learn what they are, and then sit down and watch your kid play for a little while.

Watch their reactions to in game circumstances. Watch how they react when something doesn’t go their way. What do you do when they start getting mad? Calmly tell them that getting angry about it isn’t going to do them any good. It’s not going to help. Explain to them that maybe they need to try something a little different. Video games aren’t just for entertainment. They can be used to promote problem solving skills.

“I want to play a game.”

Violent movies and television shows have never made me a violent man, and I have seen more than my share of them. I enjoy the hell out of some horror and action films. Murder mysteries catch my attention. None of them have ever made me want to go out and dismember someone and then discard their body parts in various parts of some city. Those thoughts just don’t cross my mind.

I will say, however, that the television series and movies that are produced today seem to be much more violent than those in the past. It’s even aggravating to me that some of the movies that are deemed safe for children even contain some of that violence. I won’t get into the language in those either.

Do you know who can control what your children watch? Parents.

Movie ratings are there for a reason. If you’re not sure about wether or not your child should watch a particular movie then watch it on your own and decide from there. Parents ultimately have the power to make those decisions. Use that power. If you decide to let them, then watch how they are during the movie. Observe them and their reactions and go from there.

“Guns kill people!”

Okay, so this whole conversation could make me violent.

Guns are inanimate objects that don’t kill anyone by themselves. They are just incapable of doing anything to physically harm someone on their own. It’s not like they have a mind of their own. They can’t aim themselves at someone and pull their own trigger. Stop blaming guns and gun ownership for everything bad that happens.

No, I don’t own a gun. I’m one of the few people who grew up in my county that has never even used a firearm in any fashion. I have a CO2 pistol and that’s it.

Gun control is not the answer. Education is. Raising our children to be good humans is. Sticking around and being a father is. Being VIGILANT is. The answer does not lie in creating more laws that bad people aren’t going to follow anyways. It lies in preventing those bad people from becoming that way. It lies in protecting ourselves and our families the best ways that we know how.

Ugh. Okay, that’s really a different conversation, but there it is.

An evil person will still find a way to perform whatever act it is that they have planned. No, we won’t be able to stop them all, but we can certainly reduce the number of occurrences.

Metal detectors at the entrances of schools with armed guards. I whole heartedly support that idea. Who cares what it looks like? The safety of our children is paramount.

Parents being parents is something else that I completely support. Guys, you’re not your kid’s friend. You are their parent. You are their role model. You are the guiding forces in their lives. They learn so much from us, and not jus from what we teach them. They watch us and learn. They listen to what we say and learn. Especially when we’re not actively trying to teach them something. They are sponges and soak in everything, even our actions.

Be observant of your children. Watch what they do. Listen to what they say. You’ll find that they’re are very much like yourself.

That’s it for this little rant. I’m sure that I really didn’t stick to what I had planned on writing about, but there you have it. My opinions on a few things.

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