You snooze, you lose

I know, I’m just as guilty of using the snooze button on my alarm clock as the next person. In fact, I broke the last snooze button that I used. Seriously. It popped off which required me to get a new alarm clock.

In retrospect I never should have bought a new alarm clock. I should have just continued on using that one with the broken snooze button and started waking up when my alarm went off. Five to ten minutes more sleep isn’t really going to do anyone any good once you’ve already been jolted awake.

Get up! Stretch out! Get your day started!

It’s something that I’ve been working on in addition to getting into bed earlier and waking up earlier. My alarm clock itself really is a jolt to my system when it goes off. It’s loud, and I can’t really believe that it’s a good way to start the day. It’s a shock to be woken up like that. Now, my iPhone seems to wake me up a little better. The alarm starts off quiet and then gets a little louder. I feel better when I’m woken up this way instead of the other.

Anyway, back to avoiding that snooze bar. I don’t know. I really feel like my day just goes better when I avoid that extra ten minutes of “sleep.” Perhaps it’s just the extra time that it gives me in the morning. There’s no rush to get ready to leave the house and go to work. All of a sudden I feel like I have plenty of time to perform my morning ablutions, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, etc.

Okay, so if you know me then you know that I’m never really in a rush anyway. Still! It’s way more relaxing in the morning knowing that I have plenty of time to get things done. If I start waking up just a little earlier then I might be able to squeeze in a half hour on the exercise bike or maybe a… ugh… jog.

This is what I’ve been using lately in addition to my alarm clock. In fact, those are my settings as of this morning and what I’ll likely try to start using every day instead of just weekdays. This is actually built into your iPhone, so there isn’t another app to download. Android may have something similar.

Basically, I aim to be in bed by that time. I may not be asleep but I’m at least in bed and relaxing. Lately it’s reading which I may get into another day. Sometimes I might be fiddling with my phone. The phone isn’t ideal since the light from the screen can end up keeping you awake a little longer, but sometimes you just want (never need) to catch up on things. Grab a book and read for ten to twenty minutes. Reading is never going to hurt you.

This is just part of the changes that I’m making in my life. This is how I’m making some of those changes. Routine. It really can do amazing things once you get into it. Get your body used to a set sleep schedule. You may just thank yourself for it. I know that I have.

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