I doubt that!

Doubt.  Doubting myself is something that is an extremely hard habit to break.  I sit here and type something up and then have doubts as to whether any of it makes any sense.  I pull out my camera and go out to take some pictures, but that doubt creeps in that tells me that none of them are going to come out very well.  I get an idea for a project that I want to work on and then I doubt that I will be able to complete it to my satisfaction which causes me to never start it to begin with.Doubt is an absolute killer of ambition.  It destroys ideas, and in the end it always destroys happiness.

Everyone has doubts.  We all experience it in one form or another every singly day.

I know that I do.  It’s not something that can just be turned off.

How can we fix it?  Maybe we start to take more chances on things.  Maybe we stop thinking about all the things that could go wrong and start thinking about all the things that could be right.  I’ve been working on changing my mindset about things, and it’s been a wonderful experience so far, but I have such an incredible distance to go.  I would like to say that I want to banish all doubts from my thoughts one day, but is that something that will ever happen?  Is that a good thing?

See?  There’s a bit of doubt right there.  Yes, it could be a good thing.  Doubt does prevent you from doing the things that you want.  If you don’t do those things then you will never know if it was possible or not.  If you do them and fail, then you’ve learned a lesson.  If you don’t do them, then you have failed and learned nothing.

So here I am sitting at my computer desk typing this up and about to get ready to leave the house to go to work.  I’ve been thinking about taking both Brendan and Jake with me today, and I’ve wondered if that’s a good idea or not.  I’ve doubted that Jake will be a good boy and not growl and bark at my customers all day.  I’ve doubted that I’ll be able to control him enough that it won’t be an issue.  He’s a big dog and people will be intimidated by him even though he is a very loving creature.  What will I do?

Pick him up and put him in the back of my Jeep and head on down the road.  Let’s do this!

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