The Monday Blues

Everyone seems to hate Mondays.  Okay, perhaps not everyone does, there is a vast majority of people who do.  Why is that?  I fully admit that I used to be one of you.  Now?  No way, and I’ll tell you why.We look at Fridays as the end of the week; the end of the work week.  We look forward to the weekend which is a time that we are not working.  We have time to relax and have fun.  There really is nothing wrong with that.  It’s a great thing to look forward to after we’ve worked all week.

Here’s the thing…

We should look forward to EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Every day that we wake up and greet the rising sun is a gift.  Every day that we get to go to work and provide for our families and their future is a gift.  Every day that we get to speak (or text…) with our loved ones, both friends and family, is an absolute gift.  So why do we dread Monday?  We dread Monday because we have to return to work.  We have to go back to the “grind.”

So what?  If you’re working, then you should consider yourself lucky to be able to do that.  You should think about the fact that you have a job and are able to provide for those that you care about.

I get it, though.  We do toil away a good part of our lives working.  We don’t enjoy certain aspects of life nearly as much as we should.  We don’t stop and smell the roses often enough.

But…  that can be okay also as long as you look forward to every day.

Mondays can be a burden to you simply because you see it as the end of the weekend.  It’s the end of your fun; your rest and relaxation.  It’s back to work and back to the grind.

That is okay.


It’s simple really.  It’s the start of something new as well.  It’s another new day.  It’s another new week that you get to experience.  It’s the beginning of a time that you don’t know what’s going to happen.  Why not embrace that?  Why not look forward to another day that is just like any other.

This will be posted shortly after I wake up Monday morning with a smile on my face.  Okay, perhaps not a smile.  It will likely be a grimace as I’ll be 10 minutes into my 15-20 minute ride on my stationary bike.  I really do hope that this makes someone, anyone, rethink how they look at the beginning of a new week!

Have a great morning, day, and week!

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