I think I heard about that…

I’ve heard something about a wedding happening today.  I think it’s today anyway.  In truth I have pretty much ignored everything about it.

Why?!?!  This is a huge event!!!

Not for me it isn’t.  It’s just two people who happen to be in love (or not, I don’t know) that are tying the knot.  The only big thing about it is that one of them just happens to be English royalty.  Yay!Seriously, though.  Congratulations to them.  I just can’t make myself care.  That’s not a bad thing.  It’s something that is happening thousands of miles away to people who have no bearing on my personal life whatsoever.  I’m happy for them, and I wish for them to have a long and happy marriage filled with love, happiness, kindness, and oodles of children!  Okay, maybe I shouldn’t curse them with that many children, but hey!  They can have however many that they want!

Laurel and Hardy?  Errm.  Yanny.  Why is this even a thing?  I’ve heard Laurel every single time which happens to be twice when Brendan played it while I was washing dishes.  Do we really need something like that to entertain ourselves?  Is it helping us to break away from the doldrums of our every day lives?  I suppose it does for a bout half a second.  That’s okay in a way but there are so many other things that we could be doing that are so much more important.

Do you realize that half of the things that we do today are centered around social media?  We are glued to our phone and computer screens wondering what someone else is doing.  We impatiently wait to see what someone else is going to post and then fervently wonder why in the hell they posted it.  Celebrities share things that they are doing and we are just constantly paying attention to that and loving every single post no matter how mundane it really is.


Are our lives really so dull that we have to keep ourselves amused by what other people are doing?  Are their lives that much important than our own?

I have recently seriously entertained the idea of shutting down my social media accounts for a week or two just to see how I feel afterwards.  I’m not interested in what other people are doing.  I’ve found that I am mostly just looking for inspiring posts; things that can help my mind during my day.  These things get shared in the hopes that they might help others along the way.  It’s made me extremely happy seeing others like and even share those posts.  I get even happier when I see my acquaintances on Facebook actually sharing posts from people that I’ve followed recently.  It makes me think that what I’m doing is the right thing.

My mistake in life is not enjoying it to the fullest.  I’ve settled for doing easy things.  While I have enjoyed gaming immensely, I’ve found that it doesn’t give me that same joy anymore.  I want to get out there and see more; get out and hike some of these trails that we have in the area.  I want to hop in the Jeep one day after work and pick a direction and just drive.  Just to see where I end up.

I still find that I want to play some sort of game from time to time, but it’s the last thing on my mind anymore.  I will probably do that with my son more than with anyone else, but there is something funny about that.  He’s been kind of grounded from gaming since January.  That’s a long damn time, but it is what it is.  His grades haven’t been where I expect them to be and that’s been the consequence of that.  The funny part?  He’s been spending a lot more time outside than in when he’s at home.  He doesn’t ask me to play anything anymore except for pretty rare occasions.  It brings some joy to my heart to see that.  I absolutely love that his screen time isn’t something that’s first on his mind anymore.  I just hope that this continues through the summer.  And I know that his grades have been affected by my past situation; my current separation.  How can they not be?  It’s a rather huge event in his life.


Maybe we all need to just silence our phones or turn off our notifications.  Perhaps we need to put our phones away in our pockets or bags or even leave them at home.  Go outside.  Walk around for an hour.  Take in the sights and sounds of our world.  Enjoy what our world has to offer.  Yes, our phones make so many things simpler, but they always make a great many things that much more difficult.

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