Just something that’s been in my head

Here’s some writing that’s been in my head this week.  I’m not sure how it will turn out, but I have to get it down on some sort of medium before I lose it.  I’m surprised that I haven’t lost it yet to be honest.  An idea for something to write about will normally disappear in short order if I don’t jot it down quickly enough.  This one, however, has stuck around.  So…  here goes!“Organizations around the country have organized blood donation centers for the Red Cross in order to combat the apparent plasma shortage.  Things have looked rather grim with total units well below what is deemed safe.  The Red Cross is asking that everyone consider donating just a single pint of blood to bolster their reserves.”

The man on the television motioned behind him as he spoke.

“Trinity Baptist Church behind me will be hosting a blood drive this Saturday and they all sincerely hope that you’ll be able to make time to stop by and make a donation.  Trust me when I say that you’ll be saving lives with your donation.  Check your social media pages for more information on where you can give blood.  This is Jonathan Striker for Channel 5 News.  Back to you, Cynthia.”


The television went dark as a finger pressed down on the power switch on the remote.  The woman smiled somewhat darkly as she pondered what she had just watched.

“Thank you, Jonathan, for that wonderful broadcast.  Everyone will indeed be saving lives by giving their blood,” she spoke softly.

“Miranda, I do believe that this campaign will be your best idea ever.  Why didn’t someone think of this before?”

The man who spoke was also smiling.  The pinstripes of his dark gray tailored suit seemed to glow slightly in the low light as he stood up and walked to stand next to Miranda.  His movements were and smooth and graceful, making any viewer think that he was much younger than his graying hair told.

“Generally speaking, Vladimir, nobody has ever had the foresight to make this kind of move.  Everyone else has always had other agendas on their minds, and those have always been singular goals,” Miranda’s green eyes flashed as Vladimir placed his hand on her shoulder and squeezed.  “We have to be careful in this day and age.  Things would have fallen apart if we had continued doing the things that we have done.  You know that.  The Council knows that.  That’s why they agreed with this plan.”

She stood up and turned towards Vladimir, running a hand through her auburn hair.  She was exquisite, and Vladimir knew that he was extremely lucky to be able to say that she was his.  Miranda wasn’t just beautiful on the outside; she had a very sharp mind and quick wit.  One should never underestimate her either for she could destroy you without hesitation if she were angry enough.  Oh how he adored her.

“Vladimir, those who run this Red Cross know that this is the best way to save the lives of many people, both ours and theirs.  We’ll only take thirty percent of their donations and that will be enough to keep us all very well-fed.  We won’t want for food anymore which means that we won’t have to hunt, and you know what that means.”

Vladimir nodded his head.  She was right.  The humans were beginning to be more on guard in recent decades.  They didn’t seem to take it very well when more and more of them were showing up drained of all of their life force.  His people were beginning to be hunted and their own hunts had become more and more dangerous.  The people were fighting back and they were almost getting the upper hand.

“Yes, we will survive this and we will prosper my dear Miranda.” He smiled as he pulled her into an embrace.  They smiled at each other showing their teeth, elongated canines gleaming in the low light.


Like I said, this was just something that has floated around in my head most of this past week.  There isn’t a lot to it, but there it is.  It was just an idea.  Will I do more with it?  I don’t know.  The idea itself hasn’t gotten past that part, but there may be more.  I might have to think about it.

I can’t even say what triggered the thought.  What in the world?  Could you imagine a situation where vampires were real but they were starting to integrate themselves into our society by stopping the wanton killing of humans?  Instead, they would ask for donations via local organizations, even country wide ones, so that they could stay hidden without risking their own lives.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  It’s a crazy idea.  It’s just fantasy fiction, but that is just how my mind will work on occasion.

Anyway, I should be getting ready for work at this point.  I am so ready for a “long” weekend.  Two days of not having to go to work is going to be rather nice!

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