Social Court

I am certain that there will be those out there that will believe that this post is wrong in their own opinion.  I am certain that I will offend someone with what I type up here.  I am certain that there will be many who disagree with me.

I don’t care.

The world has many problems, but I strongly believe that one problem exacerbates many of those:  Social Media.We now live in a world where we share and discuss everything under the sun.  While that isn’t a bad thing in and of itself it can certainly make some things seem so much worse than they are.  What exactly do I mean by that?  We have simply given ourselves a place where we can shame others based on what we hear from others.  We have a medium where we can discuss topics to death.  Don’t get me wrong.  I think that’s actually a good thing but only if we can actually be open, understanding, and constructive in our criticism.

What I see on social media is whining, complaining, bitching, moaning, and slander.  No, that’s not the only things that I see.  I also see love and hope.  I see people wanting to make a better future for themselves and their families.  I see people who are succeeding and wanting to share that good news with their friends and family.  I see happy moments, but I also see sad ones being shared.  I see requests for thoughts and prayers.

We now live in a society where everything aspect of our days and lives can be shared instantly.  I’m certainly guilty of some of it, but I won’t go and shout everything from the rooftops.  There are some things that I don’t care to share with any of you since I consider them to be personal matters in their entirety.

One thing that I also see is vitriol.  I see hate for people who you don’t even know.  I see blind support for people you’ve never met.

I see people passing judgement on others without knowing every truthful fact.

Innocent until proven guilty.  That’s how things are supposed to be in a court of law.  Is that how we treat things outside of court?  No, we don’t.  We form opinions immediately based on what we’ve heard from others.  We form opinions based on what we’ve read and heard from the news.  We’re horribly biased about things that we actually know nothing about, and this applies to every situation that’s ever come across our feeds.  I know that we can’t help it.  We are only human after all.  However, is it a good thing that we are like this?

We jump to conclusions readily.  Who is right?  Who is wrong?  Who is actually guilty?  We don’t know, but we always seem to have an idea.  Some people think that their idea is the right one and if you disagree with that then you are wrong in every possible way.

Ugh.  It’s too early in the morning to be writing about something like this, so I’m starting to think that everything is all jumbled up.  I really need to work on things like this during the day and then type them up at night.  Then again, I’m tired after work as well, and that can make all of this difficult to do as well.  Damned if I do; damned if I don’t.  That very well could apply in this situation.

I have just really become annoyed (again) with social media.  I check Facebook for inspirational messages.  I look there for hope.  I look there in search from an escape from my head I think.  Most of what I find is none of that.  Yes, there are a few messages that I really do enjoy reading, but a large majority of it has become acidic and downright distasteful.  A break from even looking at any form of social media is about to happen, and I honestly encourage others to do the same.  It’s true that you may miss out on some happy messages or announcements, but take a look outside and around you.  Look at your significant other and/or children (furry or human).  Isn’t that all the joy that you really need in the here and now?

Sometimes I honestly think that we would be better off as a society if social media had never come to be.  It is certainly a link to our family and friends that can be beneficial, but it’s also a platform for hate.  That’s a very blunt way to put it, and that is only my opinion, but there it is.

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