Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (Reviewed! Kind of)

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is just an excellent game.  Wow!  I thoroughly enjoyed this game to a point that I finished it in one sitting.  Okay, it was actually two sittings, but Jake needed to be walked and I needed to eat dinner.  Where to start when talking about this gem that can be found on XBox Live’s GamePass?

I’ll start out by saying that there really is zero dialogue.  The characters speak to each other, but it certainly sounds like gibberish to me.  That’s not a problem, however, as you can still understand the idea behind what is being…  gibberished.  The point is still being conveyed to you as you play the game.  In fact, I would say that the story-telling is rather spot on despite this lack of understandable communication.  To touch on what I’m calling gibberish here a bit; the developer happens to be Swedish.  Now, I’m not familiar with the Swedish language, and I just learned this little tidbit of information this morning, so I totally did not mean any disrespect if an actual language was used.  I started out by comparing the speech with what you hear in games like SimCity.

The mechanics are just a joy.  No, really!  They are.  Yes, they can difficult to get a handle on, but if you can master them, then I can promise you that you will seriously enjoy your time spent in Brothers.  Each brother is controlled by a separate side of your controller, and yes, you control both of them at the same time.  Wait, what?  Yes!  It’s amazing how well that it works together.  It turns what could be a co-operative game into a single player game!  Okay, so maybe I’m much more interested in multi-player lately, but the concept is very well done.  Color me impressed! 

The left thumbstick and trigger controls the older brother.  The right thumbstick and trigger controls the younger brother.  You have to get them to work together to solve puzzles and complete tasks.  Okay, maybe solving puzzles is a bit of a stretch, but that’s okay.

Let’s start at the beginning.  The father of the brothers is sick, so they have to get him to the village healer.  They load him up onto one of those old-fashioned wooden carts that seems like it’s made for carrying around humans so that they can do this.  One brother is at the back pushing (the older one), and the other brother is in the front pulling.  You’re holding down both triggers (the action buttons) and guiding the brothers down a hill using the thumbsticks.  No, it’s not easy, but damn if it isn’t a very interesting way to handle this.  In fact, it might be a lot harder if it were actually two people trying to do this!

Anyway, you get down to the bottom of the hill and you have to get across a chasm which has these strange contraptions to cross it instead of a bridge.  The older brother is stronger and is able to do more things than his younger brother, so you have to remember that as you go through the story.  I’ll let you figure out the rest.

You cannot tell me that this particular scene doesn’t send a powerful message.

The story itself is very engaging in my opinion.  It’s also incredibly moving and powerful. It’s compelling. What other words can I use to describe it? I don’t know, but I’m sure that there are many which could be used when it concerns what you feel while playing Brothers.

It’s an adventure worth experiencing if you like single player games that are actually somewhat challenging.  Brothers is a short game, but it’s a good one.  The story is engaging.  The graphics are quite honestly beautiful.  Maybe it’s not on par with some next-gen games, but the Unreal Engine allows developers to create amazing visuals. 

Give it a try if you have GamePass.  It’s worth it!  I don’t have any kind of reviewing scale, so I’ll just throw something out there.  

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons gets 8/10 back-fungus from me.

With all of that being said, I don’t think that I’ve done many reviews.  Input is going to be greatly appreciated here since I believe that I may just do more of them.  I tried to get away from that thing (gaming) that I’ve enjoyed for so many years, and that has honestly been a source of stress for me.  I certainly have no intentions of spending as much time as I used to on it, but I’m not giving it up entirely.

I may go through the GamePass games and pick out some of the lesser known ones to play through and review.  Why not?  It might just be fun looking for that diamond in the rough.  The free games are also on deck for that whether they be Games with Gold titles or just free ones offered up on Xbox Live.  We’ll see how all of this turns out.

Constructive feedback is requested here!  That means you, clannies.  Step out and help a guy out, eh?

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