Endings and New Beginnings

It is just about that time of year, again; a time where a good number of us make resolutions that we will hope that we can keep for longer than a few weeks. Personally, I do not plan on making any of those. I never seem to keep them as it is. I do, however, plan on making some changes, again, that I had made earlier this year.

It may be safe to say that we have all done it before. We have these ideas that there are things that we must do or change about ourselves for the new year, and it is all done with good intentions. It just becomes something that is difficult to keep up with over time.

We might say that we are going to work out more and eat less. Watch less TV, play fewer games, or maybe go outside a little more often. Some of us might give up dating or even trying to find “the one.” Why do we wait for January 1st to make those kind of choices?

Think about it for just a moment. We have this idea that a New Year resolution is going to fix things for us, so we wait and wait until then to try to make a change. That, in my mind, is the perfect set up for failure. We do not have the correct mindset at that point to make the resolution work. There is little chance for success when we do that.

So, why wait? Why not do it now? Why not make those changes the minute that you start thinking about it? Because we are a world of procrastination. I will not say that everyone is a procrastinator, but I am pretty sure that we have all been guilty of it a time or two.

I believe that the key to long-lasting change is willpower and determination. Wait, are those the same things? Never mind all of that. We can not just continue to put off the changes that we want to make, and when we do decide to make those changes, then we have to stick with them every single day. I can speak from a small point of experience in that I have had a lot of difficulty sticking with changes that I have made throughout this past year. Do you know what? That is okay. I have every intention of revisiting some of those changes and trying to work them back into my life (like excercising… ew).

All of that is merely a rambling thought for this particular time of year. I know that a lot of us are thinking about the resolutions that we are going to make as soon as the calendar turns over to 2019. Personally, I believe that I am going to return to bettering myself, and then make a resolution to not make any more resolutions.

The end of many things is upon us as is the beginning of brand new things. Make the most of that, people. It is not only a new year, but it is a new day. It is a new time. It is a rebirth of sorts for many. Make those resolutions stick if you must make them. Promise yourself that you will do those things that you intend on doing, and then DO THEM. Every day.

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