Insert silly antics here

Watch Twitch sometimes. Maybe even Mixer and YouTube. Would the average person outside of the gaming community believe that the most viewed streamers make a living off of other people watching them play games? It’s true. It’s not even that ridiculous when you really think about it.

The gaming industry is huge. The entertainment industry is huge. Put both of those things together and you end up with this strange amalgamation of actors behind a camera acting out while they’re playing a game.

Okay, that’s a bad generalization, but I have seen streamers who are portraying someone other than who they probably are when they’re live. Is there anything wrong with that? Nope. It brings them viewers and subscribers. It makes them money, and if you’re happy doing that, then by all means continue on.

That doesn’t work for me, however. Maybe my mind has just aged far faster than I actually have, and I find those antics to be silly and frankly unnecessary. It’s just my opinion, and I will never be derogatory towards anyone that is doing that.

Is that kind of act something that I could do? No, I don’t believe that I could. I may be entirely too serious in front of my camera. Hell, I may be that way throughout my day. Think about it for a moment, though. I’m awake before 5 AM. I run my business for 10 hours on a weekday and then go home to take care of my kid, dog, and home. My business doesn’t involve any real hard work, but it still makes for a long day. I’m tired by the time that I start a scheduled stream. I don’t have the energy to put on a different face and /or persona.

Will that cost me on my journey to reach Twitch affiliate? Probably, especially when you consider the stereotypical audience. Is my personality going to be something that will draw and keep viewers and followers returning? I don’t know. There hasn’t been enough interaction in chat outside of my own clan mates coming in and supporting me (y’all kick ass by the way).

I’m not going to go out of my way to attract viewers to my stream. I’ve only been going at this since November so the amount of time hasn’t been that bad. It feels slow, but that’s okay. I have been a little more active on Twitter lately to see if I can get myself out there a little more. We’ll see if that pays any dividends in the long run.

I will let what I call my mediocre gameplay so the talking. Yes, I will usually carry a positive K/D in shooters. Yes, I can normally do pretty well in RPGs. Puzzle games and mysteries are fun to figure out if they’re not frustrating. Yes, I will use expletives on stream. There’s a reason that I mark it as being for mature audiences. I’m not a great gamer. I’m good, but definitely not great.

Well, I suppose that I have one weird thing on my stream. “JakeCam.” Jake, my dog, gets his own camera when he’s in the room. Of course, he’s normally just being his lazy self and laying around, but that’s okay. I even plan on upgrading his cam to one with much better quality.

So, what are my plans for my streaming hobby on Twitch? Playing games and letting y’all watch me both succeed and fail at it. There will be games of all kinds being played. FPS, RPG, puzzle, mysteries, “horror,” and whatever other genre of game that I decide looks good. I actually want to do some streams playing games for whatever the current GamePass quests are for the month.

Huh. There could be something there. Maybe even do a blog post on what I think would be the best and easiest ways to complete those quests? That has possibilities.

I’m not looking to make streaming into a career. It’s more like a little side job that I enjoy. It’s certainly a hobby.

Okay, that’s enough for this short post tapped out and published on a phone. That’s harder than you think. I will always prefer a keyboard over this whole mobile business.

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