It’s a Twitchy kind of thing

So, as some of you may know, I’ve been back into gaming lately, and I’ve been streaming on Twitch in the hopes of becoming an affiliate. It’s been a fun process, and my friends (clan mates) have helped me a great deal along the way. They’ve dropped into my stream to watch me fail miserably (haha) at whatever I was doing and offer words of encouragement or hilarity.

Disclaimer:  Derogatory comments directed at myself are mostly made in jest. Though there is some truth to it all, I don’t believe in everything bad that I say about myself.

It’s been a short ride, to be honest. I began this endeavor back in November on a whim. I had no real plans before that to get into streaming. There were times that I would stream our clan’s Destiny raids so that others could watch and see the fun that they were missing out on, so I didn’t start at zero followers. The thing was that I kind of enjoyed it despite not being on a camera so that others can see the plainness that is me. So, sometime around Thanksgiving, I made a trip to Roanoke in order to purchase a couple of things. After a not insignificant amount of credit card usage later, I returned home with a good quality microphone (Yeti), webcam (Logitech HDPro C920), and an Elgato HD60S. I was ready to rock and roll, and I was going to get started right.

Streaming is entertainment, and that is something that I will struggle with. I’ve never believed that I was good at entertaining anyone. I generally don’t tell jokes, but I do make faces at the camera at times when something odd happens in whatever game that I’m playing. I do try my best to interact with whoever is being active in chat, but I also may be talking to myself if it’s quiet. In other words, if you’ve stopped by my stream to watch, then talk to me! Lurkers are actually okay, as well.

There will be times (solo-queuing competitive Overwatch, for example) that I may become intent on the game, so I may not be as talkative towards chat. That is something that I cannot help at all. Yet, I will probably continue to direct comments towards my audience during that period. Just give me a moment after the match to get caught up on chat (which reminds me that I should probably switch my setup around a bit).

Anyway, with all of the above being said, Saturday night (Sunday morning) was a good stream. Nay, it was a great stream. I was gaming with my best friend and her husband (hope you’re feeling better Fobz). We were doing fairly well in Overwatch, and as the end of my night approached I got those last two follows that I needed to get my affiliate invitation! I did not seem to be excited about that, and for anyone who was watching at the time I apologize. It didn’t occur to me until later that Sunday morning what had happened. Now, I didn’t go running around my house yelling and screaming and jumping with joy, but the excitement was there. I’m not that kind of person who will outwardly express that kind of emotion. I can’t have people thinking that I’m crazy now can I?

Needless to say, I got started on that process right away. It was about 2:42 AM on Sunday that I received the email inviting me to become a Twitch Affiliate. I headed to bed after I got started on my “paperwork” and sent it off through the ether to be reviewed, so hopefully, that process will be completed in the next day or two.

After three months of streaming game play most nights, I had finally done what I set out to do. I didn’t take to social media to promote myself with services that were created to help people get there quicker. That’s something that I very well could have done, but it wasn’t something that I wanted to do. I wanted to get this done with the help of my friends. I wanted to accomplish this “organically,” that is to say, without the help of said services on social media. I did tweet that I was going live on occasion, but seriously, I have like 30 followers on Twitter. It has probably taken me longer than some, but I still got it done.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and followed my Twitch channel. Thank you to all of my friends and clan mates who helped me get to this point. I most certainly could not have done it without your help! I will have emotes and a new overlay up as quickly as I can get that done. Hopefully, they won’t look like absolute crap! 😀

These are three that I’m considering at the moment. They are ones that I’ve done myself. Don’t judge me for the angry looking penguin. It’s a penguin, and penguins are awesome. The bottom one happens to be my dog, Jake (yes, I do have that with a transparent background…). He is also awesome. Have an opinion? Comment below! I’m always open to suggestions.

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    • Thanks! I may try to have the emoticons redone by someone who is good at that sort of thing, or just have something else done. I don’t know. I do know that I want them to be better quality and something that the people of Twitch will use!

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