What’s in a name?

I have been online for a long time, now. The internet has, honestly, been a part of my life since at least 1995. Maybe that’s not long for some of you that may be reading this, but when you really stop to think about, it is still a decent amount of time. That, and streaming on Twitch, has made me seriously think about changing my online names to better portray me.

The fun part in that is simply this: Who the heck am I? I have always struggled coming up with names for accounts and characters in games, so “Miolith” has often been used as a default. Sadly, that particular name was taken when I first created my Twitch account which resulted in the number thirteen being appended to the end of it. That, in and of itself, isn’t horrible, but I feel like I need to get away from it.

I know that my friends are always going to refer to myself as “Mio.” That’s okay. Oh, and by the way, I can’t get that name on Twitch. It’s either taken or too short. I am fairly certain that the latter is the case.

My name is Jackson, and I am a father, a gamer, a business owner, and… well, I am just me. Jax is a nickname that I’ve picked up along the way. It’s easy and simple, and it’s something that I’m likely to include into any name that I end up using.

I had thought about using JAGD_Jax. Just a Gamer Dad. There is a slight problem with that, however. I’ve been considering stopping this blog; canceling my webhost and domain name once that time rolls around again. I’m not nearly as active here as I probably should be, so I have to weigh that against the cost of running this personal little thing.

What’s in a name? It’s who we are. That can be especially true among the internet community. I’m a fairly calm person. I really don’t get excited by all that much. Maybe ZenJax? Or JaxZen… There’s a play on pronunciation for you! Admittedly, I kind of like that. The amusing part behind that is the fact that one of my favorite heroes to play in Overwatch is Zenyatta. He’s a support character who heals and does damage. Right up my alley. There is also the definition of “Zen” as an adjective.

relaxed and not worrying about things that you cannot change

That sums me up pretty well these days. I’m not sure that I particularly fit into the definition of “Zen” when it comes to Budhism, but meditation is something that I’ve tried to get into . My problem is that when I get that relaxed I tend to fall asleep!

I don’t know. If you know me, then throw some suggestions my way. If you don’t know me? Throw some suggestions my way! I’m open to suggestions! There are so many things that I truly need to get done. There are emotes to create, subscription badges, channel art, and so forth and so on. My current channel art is some stuff that I threw together in GIMP using red and black coloration with some texture. I like it, but I’m not sure that I’m going to keep it as it is. My emotes are also ones that I’ve done myself, but I think that I want some that are professionally done. There are ideas for those, but I’m also always open to suggestions on those.

Anyway… names! I’ll admit that JaxZen is growing on me, even though I only thought of it when I typed up that earlier paragraph. JAGDJax was a thought because of this blog. I had thought about tying everything together, but again, that would depend entirely on me keeping this blog going. Those two are seriously all that I’ve been able to come up with. The first name I can actually picture a logo for in my head. The second? There are so many different things that could be done with that, so I know that I’ll end up having a hard time figuring something out for it.

At any rate, that’s what is going on with me at the moment. I am rambling on about contemplating an internet name change. Go figure.

Come and visit me on Twitch! I don’t bite… You’re also more than welcome, and encouraged, to visit by good friend Acidstripez on her own channel. Follow us! We have dogs! And games! Socialize with us! We do get bored sometimes while we’re streaming…

Also, I do not feel like going back and spell/grammar checking this thing.

NOTE: And of course JaxZen isn’t available on Twitch. I hate coming up with names…

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