Destiny 2 – Lumina

So, Destiny 2 is back in my life again. I pushed it away, but it just pulled me back in again. AND I’M ENJOYING IT.

Yesterday, July 2nd, Bungie released a new quest for an exotic hand cannon and we’ve been working through it. I don’t get to start working on these types of quests early but this time I am. Why? I’m on VACATION! Fun, right?

Anyway… Guide and crap. Totally unprofessional here, I know. There are many pictures here.

How do I start A Fateful Gift?:

Do you remember where you got the quest to get Thorn? Go back there. Land in Trostland in the EDZ and make your way through the church. Just barge right on through there and head into the tunnel at the other end. Give the Fallen the finger as you speed past them. Remember the room where you have to activate the elevator but it fails and falls? Yeah, that room. Run through it until you reach a big blue barrier. Guess what? You did what I did and ran too far. Go back to the elevator room, find that elevator, and you’ll find a transmat. Use it. Go up the hill and you’ll find another blue barrier. Shoot it, look around while being annoyed, and then follow it to the LEFT. Jump up and you’ll find a ledge with a campground. Find this spot where you will find a chest that you won’t see in the following image.

Opening that chest will get you started on your exotic quest for the hand cannon Lumina. Get ready to get to work, because there is some work involved. Hopefully, it’ll be worth it in the end.

Pull our your trusty Little Light and make your way to Excavation Site 2 on Io. You’ll see where you should go on the map. Go through the opening in the wall and hug the right side until you come upon some caves. Go in there instead of searching around the drill like I did. Kill things and search rooms until you find this:

Excavation Site 2, Io
Dreaming City

Open that sucker and find out what you need to do next. Again, here comes the work.

Generate 250 orbs of light. Have fun with it. Grab your Masterwork weapons, get double kills, generate orbs. Use your best super to generate orbs. Where should you do this to do it fast? Strikes. Escalation Protocol. Blind Well. Your back yard. You know where to go to kill a lot of things quickly. Do that and this step will actually fly by.

Once you’ve generated your orbs you’re going to get your new gun! No, you’re not getting Lumina just yet. You get Rose, but Rose is plain and isn’t very perky at all. Do the following in order to get those perks.

Alrighty then! What’s first? Personally, I would suggest going to Blind Well with your friends and slam out some Tier 3s. You’ll be able to know out both encounters completed and multikills without reloading. Okay, fine. Step by step.

Face the Hordes

Grab your friends and crash some Blind Well. Heroic tier 3s will give you 7 points towards completion. A normal tier 1 will give you 4 points. Do whatever you want to do there.

Defend the Light

Easy. You’re going to want to kill as many enemies as you can without reloading. Here’s the fun part. You can use anything to do this including your super, so have fun with it. Thunderlord works well here. Go for a high capacity Assault Rifle or Machine gun and this step will fly by rather easily.

Band Together

This one could get a little tricky depending on things. You’ll want a full fireteam, and you’ll need to have a Nightfall Card from Xur. Set your modifiers so that you’re getting at least a 2.9x modifier. This is what we used, and we ended up scoring 122k.

Thanks, Kandy, for the pic. haha!

Done, done, and done. Oh, by the way, you don’t actually have to use Rose for the previous steps, but you do have to for the next one which you have just acquired.

I’m not really clear on which activity will provide the most progress, but there are definitely several to choose from. Strikes, Nightfall, Crucible, Gambit, Raids, Menagerie, etc, etc. The best way, of course, is to have as many people in your fireteam having Rose equipped along with you. That merely makes it all go faster. Get to it!

Shaxx likes saying “Strength in numbers, and he’s not wrong. Get your fireteam together and go out and do things. Gambit might be your best bet to start off with. Killing that Invader before they kill anyone on your team is important, so be prepared to do so. One shot weapons are great here. You can either distribute your team to the four areas that Invaders spawn in, or you can have everyone gather together in one central location. Everyone has to be ready as soon as that Invader comes through.

As for Hand Cannon final blows? Well, I’m not a big Hand Cannon user, so you’re going to have to use what works for you. Rose and Trust both seem okay to me, with the latter being a little better based on the recoil. One nice thing for this and generating orbs is that what your teammates do counts towards your own progress.

Hey, I’m getting all wordy and picturey. This will all be over soon, I promise.

Once you’ve completed the previous step you’ll end up with this one. This one is easy. Grab your fireteam, or queue up solo, and head to Earth to tackle the Will of the Thousands strike. As you go through, you will see purple crystals floating above your head. Shoot those with Rose until you have destroyed 11 of them and then continue on to complete the strike. Kill Xol, which isn’t that hard, and voila! You have Lumina, and that, my friends, is a fairly decent hand cannon.

Shoot these purple crystals. You’ll need 11 of them, but there are plenty available.

Now that is all done, I can go to sleep. It’s been fun, guys, and I will certainly try to keep this up. I don’t know what I can really write about, but I have this blog for at least another 11 months, so I should use it. Right?

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