A name is a name is a name

But that’s not always true, is it? We often name our children something based an idea or person that we cherish. The same applies to our pets (who are also our children). What about our online presences? The same, in effect, applies in most situations.

I was asked how I came up with the name Miolith a couple of days ago, and to be honest, I had to think of where it came from. I believe that it was from one of the collections of Tales books in the Dragonlance Saga, but I can not for the life of me remember which one. Now, I find myself sifting through them in the hopes that I can find it.

I did come across a story about a particular character whose name I have used in games before; Mercanyin.

He was a Knight of Solamnia and like most other Knights, his honor was his life. Honor is something that I have always held dear to me, and his story became a part of my life as surely as any other character that I’ve come across. Mercanyin gave up his love for the Knighthood. He gave up his love for his honor. While that is something that I would not condone, it is something that I understand.

In his search for honor and glory, as many men do, he comes across the story of a white dragon. If you are familiar with the Dungeons & Dragons universe, then you’ll know that white dragons are, simply put, evil, and Knights tend to seek out and destroy evil. Well, Mercanyin finds this dragon and fights it. He was victorious, of course, but the dragon made an odd request with its dying breath. It asked him to take care of his son.

This would make a good person stop and think and so Mercanyin did. He found the hatchling and was about to kill it when his thoughts caught up with him. He pried a single scale from the corpse of the adult dragon and ran outside with it. Logic had intervened and his honor was crushed. The dragons were albino silver dragons which were inherently good. His honor now required him to fulfill this dragon’s dying wish. His life changed drastically in an instant and he embraced it.

There is so much more to this story that I should probably include here, but the gist of it is that even a rigid man can change. The pride of a man can be his downfall, but when he is down his actions are what truly define him. One who can make such a mistake and OWN it with the intentions of making things right no matter how difficult is someone who I would follow. (A “white” dragon in the presence of a Knight of Solamnia would be devastating for the person in question as well as the order of Knights as a whole.)

The story itself also teaches that ever important lesson that most of us still have a hard time understanding; Never judge a book by its cover.

Miolith, however, I have not been able to find. I will admit that I have used many name generators over the years so it very well could have come from one of those. I have been unable, so far, to find Miolith in any search engines where the name pertains to more than just me (which I find incredibly amusing). I have also been unable to locate that particular name and character in any of the books that I have, but I will continue to search.

Names are funny things. They have meanings. They hold truths. Sometimes they are even deceptive. At the end of the day, however, names can change. The person behind them remains the same.

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