Evil perpetuates evil

Think about that for just a moment. Take a deep breath and really think about it. We are so engrossed with calling people out who do things that we perceive to be bad. We attempt to bring them down in Continue reading Evil perpetuates evil

Hopes and Dreams

I am in a spot right now. I don’t know if I can really convey just what kind of spot that is, but I will do my best. Text works for me much better than the spoken word at times, Continue reading Hopes and Dreams

Destiny 2 – Lumina

So, Destiny 2 is back in my life again. I pushed it away, but it just pulled me back in again. AND I’M ENJOYING IT. Yesterday, July 2nd, Bungie released a new quest for an exotic hand cannon and we’ve Continue reading Destiny 2 – Lumina

This guy

I want to share some thoughts and pictures. Bear with me for a moment. Sometimes we think that we know things. We feel like we have it all figured out. We feel like we’re on top of the world. We’re Continue reading This guy


I have been all over the place with this blog over the last two years. At least, I think it’s been that long. It was kind of a spur of the moment thing that I started, and I honestly don’t Continue reading Utilization

That little 4 letter word

There are many words that I read and use every day. I could not really tell you how many, but between even short social media posts and everyday interactions with customers I imagine that the number ends up being rather Continue reading That little 4 letter word


The worst expectations are the ones that I set for myself. It is something that I did not realize until today, and it opened my eyes to how I have acted with certain things throughout the years. I have never Continue reading Expectations

Streaming is an escape

There are some people that put in a ton of work to make their streams as great as they are. Well, that happens to be what it takes to make it when it comes right down to it. Hard work Continue reading Streaming is an escape

Had an itch

And I just had to scratch it. I have Acidstripez to thank for that. No, it was not something like that. Get your mind out of the gutter. She has been taking a creative writing class and has been picking Continue reading Had an itch

Zoom Zoom!

It has been a while, again, since I typed anything up here. I’m not sure exactly why, but I believe that it’s just been a lack of inspiration for posts. I have had some ideas and thought them out rather Continue reading Zoom Zoom!