Destiny?  There’s an app for that…

Apps can get annoying.  Finding an app that does what you want or need it to do can be even more annoying.  There are many apps out there that do things similarly to others.  Let’s talk about them. I’m currently Continue reading Destiny?  There’s an app for that…

12-20-16 Destiny Weekly Reset

Merry Christmas! Okay, that’s a tad bit early.  Not that early, really, but still.  5 days to go.  And then…  and then…  it’s over for another year!  Hah! It’s week two of The Dawning.  I apparently haven’t participated as much as Continue reading 12-20-16 Destiny Weekly Reset

New Quests in Destiny

I couldn’t think up a silly title here..  mobile posting! So I had a ton of fun racing with my clan last night.  I have to admit that racing with a full fireteam is tons of fun.  Everyone should try Continue reading New Quests in Destiny

The Dawning and SRL (Patch 2.5)

It’s time for some copy-pasta!  I normally type these up, but I really don’t feel like it right now.  It’s been a busy day, and I’m done.  So, without any more chattiness from me, here are the patch notes from Continue reading The Dawning and SRL (Patch 2.5)

12-6-16 Destiny Weekly Reset

So this week is kind of boring.  Next week is exciting, but this week?  Not so much.  There’s just this Destiny reset thing going on.  Oh, and Iron Banner is back.  Yay?  Yay! Oh, and don’t forget that these are Continue reading 12-6-16 Destiny Weekly Reset

The Death Zamboni

You’ve gone and beaten Vosik into a bloody pulp and stolen all of his loot.  Awesome!  That right there deserves a dance party (on his bloodless corpse)!  On to bigger bosses and better loot!  Oh, and puzzle to boot! Maybe Continue reading The Death Zamboni

Wrath of the Machine: TV Time with Vosik

Ahhh, potato quality screenshots and video clips!  Gotta love them.  Sorry about that.  I streamed our Heroic Wrath of the Machine attempt last night on Twitch to grab some clips for this particular “guide.”  It’s not really a guide, but Continue reading Wrath of the Machine: TV Time with Vosik

Wrath of the Machine: Breaking In

Just me talking about how to break in to the Wrath of the Machine raid in Destiny. Continue reading Wrath of the Machine: Breaking In

10-18-16 Destiny Weekly Reset and PATCH!

Guess what?  It’s that time again!  Yup, it’s the weekly reset for Destiny, when we get all kinds of new and different things to do!  Wait…  I’ve used a line like that before?  Well, crap.  Okay… um. I’m late today.  Continue reading 10-18-16 Destiny Weekly Reset and PATCH!

10-11-16 Destiny Weekly Reset

Ahhhh….  Iron Banner is over now.  Sorry guys.  The loot train has left the station!  And oh boy was it a good one!  Okay, maybe I should have taken more advantage of it Sunday and Monday, but there comes a Continue reading 10-11-16 Destiny Weekly Reset