Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (Reviewed! Kind of)

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is just an excellent game.  Wow!  I thoroughly enjoyed this game to a point that I finished it in one sitting.  Okay, it was actually two sittings, but Jake needed to be walked and Continue reading Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons (Reviewed! Kind of)

The difference a year makes

One year ago today my life changed.  I went from what I thought was a happy married life to one that was quickly a mess.  There was nothing easy about it.  Everything changed, and I honestly had very little idea Continue reading The difference a year makes

“I’m not good enough.”

That’s the struggle, isn’t it?  It is one struggle that almost all of us deal with every now and then.  You can not tell me that is not true.  I know that I, personally, deal with it.  Why?  I wish Continue reading “I’m not good enough.”

Trick or Treat!

The ghouls and goblins will soon come out to play, or at least they will be asking you for candy.  That is the hope anyway.  Surely kids these days don’t go around throwing toilet paper around someone else’s property.  I Continue reading Trick or Treat!

Tis the Season

Oh, Halloween.  You are an amazing time of year.  Well, Autumn is anyway.  Halloween is just one of those fun aspects of it.  Along with these amazing colors (once the leaves bloody start changing) and cooler temperatures you get people Continue reading Tis the Season

Believe it or not

So, the past year has been pretty crazy. It’s been filled with ups and downs and absolutely everything in between. Sounds like a normal life doesn’t it? That is normal. At least that’s what I think normal is.

Social Court

I am certain that there will be those out there that will believe that this post is wrong in their own opinion.  I am certain that I will offend someone with what I type up here.  I am certain that Continue reading Social Court


It’s something that some people don’t understand and others hold very dear to themselves. I’ve seen both exhibited in abundance through the years but nothing has ever hit me as hard as it did Sunday afternoon.

Stuck in Thoughts

It’s been a rough few days.  Honestly, it’s been a rough few weeks.  I feel as if I’ve been stuck in the mud on an uphill slope and I’m only slipping backward. I’m hurting and I’m lonely.  

The Sound of Silence

I’ve been quiet again lately.  There really isn’t an explanation for it.  Perhaps things are just that good for me now?  No, I don’t think that is the case.  It’s more a situation where there are things that I feel Continue reading The Sound of Silence