Ornamental Customization

The Rise of Iron expansion (DLC) for Destiny that releases on September 20th will include the ability to customize our weapons and armor.  This, however, will only apply to certain pieces of Exotic gear at the start and the Iron Continue reading Ornamental Customization

Sneaky, sneaky Bungie

There are always things in patches for games that are not announced.  I hope I can gather enough of them here.  It’s a short list, really, seeing as though I’ve left a bunch out that I didn’t think were really Continue reading Sneaky, sneaky Bungie

Destiny Patch 2.4.0

Patch day!  It’s Thursday and they’re patching.  Those crazy kids. Okay, here we go.  Weapon tuning is only a summary of the changes being made.  If you want to read the entire article, then you can find it here.  Official Continue reading Destiny Patch 2.4.0