Had an itch

And I just had to scratch it. I have Acidstripez to thank for that. No, it was not something like that. Get your mind out of the gutter. She has been taking a creative writing class and has been picking Continue reading Had an itch

It’s in the past!

I typed this up sometime last week.  It is something that has weighed on my mind lately.  Admittedly, that is because someone close to me has planted that seed there.  It’s taken root and wants to grow, but there are Continue reading It’s in the past!

Even more Poetry

So I’ve typed up more of my old poetry and now I’m sitting here wondering what in the world was I thinking when I was a teenager?  Was that really me writing all of this stuff?  Wow.  I think that Continue reading Even more Poetry

In a Sharing Mood

Once upon a time I wrote.  I always said that I wasn’t any good at it, but my friends always seemed to like it.  I’m not sure who was right about that.  So, this is some poetry that I wrote Continue reading In a Sharing Mood

So I have a problem

I love to read.  Is that the problem?  Nope.  The problem is that I’m just not doing enough of it.  You can never read too much.  In fact, I wish that I could make myself read more.  I still do Continue reading So I have a problem